Rickenbacker 360

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One of the most different guitars you can find. Stands out both visually and aurally. Nothing can beat the clarity and sheer sound A rickenbacker produces. This guitar broke all the rules of traditional styling when it appeared amid the ‘British’ sound of the 1960’s. Subtly updated through the years, this Deluxe hollow body with its special contour around the entire body perimeter, is still perhaps the most comfortable guitar of all.

Just a few notable players of the 360:
George Harrison of The Beatles
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day
Wally Bryson of The Raspberries
Ed O’Brien of Radiohead
Chris Martin of Coldplay
The Edge of U2
Mike McCready of Pearl Jam
John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jeff Buckley
Tom Petty

“A die-hard Strat guitarist for decades, I always wanted a Ric and finally broke down and bought the 360. It is now my primary guitar because I can more easily play both lead and rhythm on the same guitar without any sacrifice to sound, clarity or tone, no matter what amp I plug it into. The first thing you’ll notice is the narrow, low-profile fretboard (compared to a wider Strat fretboard or the Ernie Ball Music Man Armada’s baseball club fretboard, both of which I enjoy for breathing room when playing the blues. The Ric’s action is very precise and accommodates fast fingering exceptionally well without any fret buzz or other collateral noises. It’s a light guitar and feels like it was measured to fit my body and hands. My Ric-360 is 23 years old and in showroom condition, so I was amazed how well the years have been to this beautiful guitar. The craftsmanship is top-notch; American made with no sacrifice to quality. The only downside I have to offer in this modest review is that the tone controls are just so-so. You’ll need to make your adjustment at the amp for the most part, but this really doesn’t quality as a “negative” of a “con”. If you ever get a chance to play one of these exceptional guitars, don’t deny yourself the opportunity.”

Check out the video and let your ears be serenaded 



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